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  • Label: Symbol Records
  • Label Type: major
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    Gangster Rapper turned Author natural singing style over seasoned hip-hop beats. Commercial Gangster Rap dreams and wishes! The Recording star is up to date with creativity for his pennies earned. (Joker!) Clint-Love is a producer turned rapper/singer from San Francisco/Fillmoe/ East Oakland/ East 14th & Seminary... He is an Explicit freestyle artist..He has a totally of sixteen albums... All his albums has been bootlegged... Billboard is missing a star! Clint-Love is a Multi-Racial Recording artist/Black American. His music some songs comes as is performance! Clint-Love Serenades his own way with out back up singers. Live wire- these songs are performed in front of a five person audience -open mic! One time recording! All praise do to the one and Only, Righteous, Peaceful and Loving God. Thanks for helping Clint-Love get this buzzing netted out to his caring and loving fans. He loves you all.... Underground Gangsta Rapper Clint-Love is not like the Thug Gangsta Rapper of 2G... He's more like the G-man Gangster that upholds the law...Google gossip retaliation about the non-profanity R&B Album that released in October 2012, has rappers and singing-dancers diss rapping and diss singing, calling the the former teenage body-guard turned recording artist out!. (Straight gangster seasoned hip-hop._ Clint-Love is the God of creativity making other rap irrelevant. His success ladder Rapper-Singer-Executive Producer to Author (Book Author) The money is the only reason other recording entertainment artist can compare! If money was not the issue, No recording artist could compare to Clint-Love! But let money always be the reason of whose the best! For two decades his lyrical game has been bigger than any known artist in the world! Clint-Love is bigger than the entertainment business! Every one is making songs for clubs (tracks) Clint-Love sound is good in clubs are house lounging, but he makes albums for cars for your ride(To listen in your car, 15'teens- 18'teens)cruising in your ride) Real street and educated! Enjoy (Clinton Gates)Clint-Love Retired in 2012 and is back again Recording Rap Artist....Underground. (After hearing a rap track by New York and Detroit, MI- Rappers). Author A.C.S. connects with Clint-Love writing Clint-Love Lyric Catalog (Songs you can build off) by Clint Love ...Lyric catalog covering music categories; rap & R&B,.. Clint-Love is writing scripts…January 2013 called EEktron Gamble the clone ... Clint-Love's- Philosophy of life: "Get educated -Career move talk…Get money, stack money, find that love that understand you and hold on to it. Special thanks to The one and only! (GetGameFromMe) Fame and love is something you enjoy! You do not trash what respects you! (Clint-Love) I would like to thank God, for giving me the mental strength to forget about the bootleggers never having a righteous heart towards me to get this reverse jacking attitude back to producing for my most loved fans! Clint-Love is San Francisco California. ( KPOO DJ X-1) Focusing on over all values and morals- lyrical raps and con- man R&B singing with no profanity to off rhythm music straight from original thru the speakers. All Praise goes to Hades and Zeus for this jacking and plugging creativity. Clint-Love discovered the perfect tones of voice vacationing by the Ssarkling waters of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean gently lapping against miles of sandy beaches...calming the stress from the California Bay Area Blues! (Street life of Oakland to San Francisco! competing with haters! Like Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon...The haters can not compete so he returned with his Crown...An American Crown indeed! Symbol Records ideal..Gimmick the Clint-Love name and keep it alive... a lip syncing dancer practicing for a 2013-2014 tour. (Symbol Records does it again) Clint-Love visits Recall a company that can implement memories of a virtual vacation… Fantasizing of traveling to France, he visits Recall, a Hi-Tech foreign trade corporation that can implement memories of a virtual vacation among many consumer services. Clint-Love discovers Heaven on Earth in getting a album done embracing groupie love. Clint-Love around the world.
  • Influences: 80's all genres
  • Sounds Like: Original
  • Member Since: 2013-01-18